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I have long since chosen Bengal. The choice shows itself in different expressive ways, like photography, translation, recording of music. Bengal is the region where some of my essays, children’s stories and poems «take place».

Some of my chosen topics for photography are: the kitchen of the poor, rituals, colonial remains in Kolkata, traditional crafts, girls’ and women’s faces.

This choice of Bengal means that I go to the region, between Kolkata and the sand islands in Brahmaputra where you may get a glimpse of the hills of Assam, once or twice a year, write letters to you all via this home page, though – so far – in my mother tongue Norwegian.

My choice of Bengal is highly personal. It has all kind of implications for my perspective on devatastating climate changes, the indecency of the present World Order, the repercussions of 9/11 (or the interpretations and abuse of the events of that date)– and on what is taken for granted in the rather extraordinary mental state called Norway.

From the spiritual traditions of most often quite poor people in villages in Bengal, I have learned more about the possible meaning(s) of the Gospel of Jesus than anywhere else.